Shipping Desiccants

Absortech Shipping Desiccants are known world wide for their superior Desiccant Products and considered the number one Shipping Desiccant supplier in the industry and have built a distribution network in over 45 countries.

Absortech Australia specialize in effective solutions for moisture damage (container rain), not only in shipping containers but also Packaging and Inbox Desiccants. 

Absortech Shipping Desiccants are based on Calcium Chloride and have vigorous absorption over a large temperature range which offers superior performanceand total protection of your Cargo. We have a number of Shipping Desiccant Products to suite all types of cargo shipments and our shipping desiccants will protect your cargo from moisture damage whether you're shipping steel, nuts and agricultural goods or packeged cargo around the corner or around the world.

Packaging Desiccants

Absortech also offer a large variety of Packaging Desiccants which can be used in conjunction with the Absortech Shipping Desiccants to protec your cargo. The packaging desiccants, E-SORB range are non-toxic mineral and clay desiccants and offer a superior desiccant solution in both its design and use of absorbent materials. The absorbent materials (MD and MT), absorb well at all humidity levels and effectively lock in trapped moisture to reduce re-evaporation and prevent oversaturation. We have a variety of desiccant sizes to suite your needs.

Absortech Australia's Shipping Desiccants and Packaging Desiccants offer you a complete solution for total moisture protection of your cargo



Shipping Desiccants

Absorpole Desiccant

Absorpole, Absorgel, Absorbag Desiccants are designed to use minimal space but offer superior absorbtion capacity due to its make up of Calcium Chloride

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Packaging Desiccants

Esorb Desiccant

 E-Sorb Packaging Desiccants offer total protection of packaging and products. We offer Clay Desiccants, Mineral Desiccants and Silica Gel Desiccants in a range of sizes.

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Cargo Care

Cargo Strapping & Cargo Lashing

To compliment our range of desiccants we also offer customers  quality CARGO STRAPPING & CARGO LASHING products.

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To show how effective the Absortech products are we can offer FREE trial shipments. Absorbag, Absorpole, Absorgel and Esorb Desiccants
offer a very effective low cost solution to protect your cargo....So contact us now for your FREE trial.

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